Members, Participation, and Social Media

    Tom Goebel, Director of Communications, PMI Houston

    In May, I wrote an article about how we want to make better use of social media like Twitter to reach our members. We’re making progress, albeit slowly. We are on a course to incorporate not only Twitter, but Facebook, Youtube, and others, in addition to good old-fashioned email.

    Many different outreach ideas are being floated. The objective, of course, is to get information to PMI Houston members. It’s all about YOU. Ideas we are working on range from breaking up the newsletter into manageable portions for Tweets and emails (or in addition to Tweeting and emailing the entire newsletter) to creating short podcasts featuring items of interest for members.

    We’d like to hear from you. What is the best platform for reaching you? Maybe you’re inundated with emails and the PMI Houston emails just become lost among the millions. Maybe you don’t bother with email anymore, preferring other media. What catches your eye? Now’s your chance to help us communicate the Chapter’s important information to you. Please write to me at with your suggestions, comment, and feedback. We’re all ears!